Hire Ionic developer @ a Mobappy

Ionic is an open source framework for robust and scalable mobile application development. It has a UI framework designed and optimized for mobile UIs. An AngularJS front-end JavaScript framework used to rapidly build uniform and high performance mobile apps and it also uses compiler (Cordova/PhoneGap) to get access to mobile sensors and building app cross platforms.

Why Hire Ionic developer?

Ionic is an open source framework for hybrid mobile app development for smooth performance across platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone.Ionic 2 is a powerful, beautiful and easy to use open source front-end framework for developing hybrid (cross platform) mobile apps development. It is built on top of Angular 2, Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (Sass) and Apache Cordova.

  • Cordova, Less, Sass.
  • CSS, AngularJS.
  • HTML5, Javascript
  • Porting and Migration.
  • Grunt, Gulp, Bower.
  • Ionic Lab, LiveReload.
  • Icon/Splash Generation, View App
  • Performance obsessed & Native focused.
  • Reduces the cognitive overhead.